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Gameshop - Template For DLE 9.0

DLE Version: 9.0 | Browsers: IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome

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Steam Template For DLE 9.0

Steam Template For DLE 9.0

Steam Template For DLE 9.0 | RAR 10.7 MB | Multilink

DLE Version: 9.0
Browser: All
Contain: PSD, TPL, CSS

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Musical Template for DLE 8.3 - 9.0

DLE version: 8.3-8.5, 9.0
Width: 100%.
Tested in: IE7, IE8, Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari
Complectation: template, PSD and font

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Seans24 DLE Template

(2 votes, average 3.50 out of 5)

Template name: seans24
Page template:
Type: RIP (encoded on dle), ISO-8859-2
RIP Author: magu112
Files: TPL, CSS, Graphic Design
Engine: Datalife Engine (tested with 8.5)

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Awesome – DLE Template

Version engine: DataLife Engine 8.3 / 8.5
Tested in browsers: Explorer 7, 8;
Mozilla Firefox 3.*; Opera 10; Google Chrome.
Author : Rock Star
Awesome – DLE TemplateIncludes: 2 versions of the template, full PSD in layers, cut into pieces and buttons in PSD, fonts, scripts, instruction.


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Dezinerfolio Style DLE Template

Dezinerfolio Style DLE Template
Adaptation to DLE Template, Files: TPL, CSS
Tested on DLE 8.0, Tested browsers: Opera AC 3.6, IE8, Firefox 3.5

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