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Cute & Sweet - WordPress Shop & Newsletter

The Cute & Sweet theme is aimed towards a baby, children, maternity, candy, sweets, craft, scrapbooking, wedding services or any website requiring a super cute layout for a shop.

This design features common retro shapes used in the scrap booking/stamping industry, a ribbon for the menu, and subtle patterns.

This Wordpress Shop theme would be ideal for an online shop selling 10 to 50 products, an at-home / small business, or anything you feel would suit the design style.

This WordPress theme comes with a bonus simple shopping cart (worth $9 here) and a bonus newsletter plugin (worth $25 here)!

Main Features

Here’s a quick run down of the features, please look through the screenshots to see the (easy to use) backend wordpress options and to get an idea of all the features this template has to offer.

- Header Options: Select your logo image, and what images to display in the 3 flowers all from wordpress (upload a square image). Also control where each image links.

- Home Page options: Edit in wordpress the graphic buttons, Control the text, the button text and the icon file.

- Slide Show: Select which images to appear in the slide show, the text to display, which page to link to or turn the slider off completely.

- News/Blog Summery: Select how many news articles to display on the home page

- Simple shopping cart (more details here) The shopping cart has many options best described in full here. It is a fully working cart with checkout and payment options. You can choose to display “latest products” and “specials” as widgets. All products are added and edited in WordPress.

- Newsletter System: Send bulk emails to your existing wordpress user database, all controlled from inside WordPress.

- 7 Custom Widgets: random product “specials”, random products, subscribe to newsletter, product categories, latest newsletters, your cart, pretty menu (tag side bar).

- Custom post types for Products, making it super easy to add these to your blog.

- Google Map and driving directions on the contact page.

- Built in contact form (with re-captcha capabilities).

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04/2011 Elegant Wordpress Template Collection

GFX.VN - 04/2011 Elegant Wordpress Template Collection |  61 Templates Included | RAR 536 MB

Template List:

BlueSky Influx CherryTruffle Corporation DelicateNews AskIt
BlueMist GrungeMag eBusiness Polished DailyNotes Nova
Simplism eGallery ePhoto 13Floor Professional Event
ArtSee Cion Bold Minimal eStore Apticipate
Quadro eVid eNews MyResume SimplePress Memoir
EarthlyTouch eGamer Glow MyProduct ElegantEstate Instyle
TidalForce LightSource Lumin PersonalPress DeepFocus Modest
Wooden ColdStone Deviant TheSource Glider Webly
InterPhase Basic OntheGo MyApp TheStyle Envisioned
Who'sWho PureType BusinessCard LightBright Magnificent MyCuisine
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Template Monster 24256 - WordPress Theme

Item number: 24256

Type: WordPress

Author: Matrix

Sources Available: .PSD;.PHP;This theme is widgetized

Software Required:

Hosting with PHP4x and MySQL4x;

Apache Server;

WordPress 2.7;

Adobe Photoshop CS+;

For uncompressing a template ZIP package:

WinZip 9+ (Windows);

Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)



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InterPhase - ElegantThemes

Live Demo:

InterPhase is a beautiful, clean design that maintains a "cutting edge" feel without loosing its sense of professionalism. This theme comes with a large array of custom options pages that let you customize everything from the font color to the 125x125 banner image in the sidebar

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Wooden - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

Wooden is a down-to-earth design that strives to bring in fun pictorial elements without abandoning its clean and professional roots. This theme comes widget ready, and includes custom thumbnail images, featured articles, and a custom index loop that will transform your blog into a multifaceted website

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TidalForce - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

Tidalforce features a smooth blue design, that while packed full of features, remains modest in its display. This theme comes with a large array of options which can be used to edit the look and feel of your design straight from the wp-admin control panel

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EarthlyTouch - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

EarthlyTouch is a smooth and calming design, but don't let its modesty fool you. This is an advanced wordpress theme with great features, including custom thumbnail images and a custom index loop that includes recent comments, featured posts, and random articles. This is a great design for those who want to turn their blog into a professional website.

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Quadro - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

Quadro is a sleek and stylish wordpress theme with advanced features to help transform your blog. This simple, yet professional, design come widget ready, gravatar ready, and has been customized to help differentiate your website from the thousands of other wordpress blogs across the net.

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ArtSee - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

ArtSee is an artsy design that was made for those looking for a simple and elegant theme. This template is perfect for portfolio websites, or blogs that seek a design that will accentuate visual imagery rather than overpower it. This theme comes with custom options pages that makes it editable via wp-admin - no CSS knowledge required.

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Simplism - ElegantThemes

Live demo:

Simplism is an advanced wordpress theme including a two-tier dropdown menu for pages/child pages, a home page with a custom index loop including featured posts as well as a jquery-based tabbed menu-box. Each post has been designed to be pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and include thumbnail images that can be added using custom fields.

full features list:
Netscape compatible
Safari compatible
2-Tier Page Dropdown Menu
Site-wide search bar
Gravatar ready
Firefox compatible
IE7 + IE6 compatible
Opera compatible
Widget ready sidebars
WordPress 3.0 compatible
Custom thumbnail images
PSD files
Smooth tabless design

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