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A Very Lightweight Style For Small Screen Devices (Cell Phone/iphone/Mobile/Android)

A lightweight *forum only* style aimed at small screen devices such as Windows Smartphones, Nokias and even iPhones. It has VERY low bandwidth requirements - 15 times less on my site - 20K as opposed to 300K for forumhome. *Forum Only* - done a very small amount of rough work on CMS templates a simple single column CMS *could* be created to work with this style without too much effort. However not sure if you can have a different CMS layout dependent on which style you are using?

This is an update to the mobile style previously released.  The changes are predominantly aesthetic to take advantage of larger screens. It is also much easier to change colour schemes by editing the commented CSS file.


This is a a lightweight style and as such has much reduced functionality/information over the default vBulletin style.


- Download ZIP file

- Unzip to a local/temp directory

- Edit lightweight.css.php file to customise colours if required

- Upload contents of "Forum" folder to your forum root.

- Install style XML via Style Manager in your ADMINCP

- Coming Soon

- See post 2 for a FAQ

- Click Install

- Leave Feedback

Version Control:

1.0.1 Fixed "Mark All Forums Read" link in Search results

1.0.0: Initial Release

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TVW Beautiful Life Premium Template for vBulletin 4.0.7

TVW Beautiful Life

Live Demo:

TVW Beautiful Life is a 1022px fixed width forum table for vb 4.0.7. Designed by Webmasters' Library
- Forum Support: Yes
- Blog Support: Yes
- Include PSD Banner in this package. 
- So please keep my copyright at footer if you are using my skin.

1. Uploads tvw folder to your /images directory.
2. Import vbulletin-style.xml in the styles and templates area of your admincp.

I request that the footer copyright link. If you would like to remove it please send me a donation of $5 USD (to Paypal account:  Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó. )and PM me your transaction number and forum url.

If you like my work consider supporting me by a small donation or hire me for your next vbulletin project.

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TVW Digital Innovation Template for 4.0.7

TVW Digital Innovation

TVW Digital Innovation is a 1000px fixed width forum table for vb 4.0.7 by Webmasters' Library.

- CMS Support: Yes
- Forum Support: Yes
- Blog Support: Yes
- Include PSD Banner in this package. 
- So please keep my copyright at footer if you are using my skin.

Live Demo:

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VBulletin Skin - Twitter 4.0.3

(1 vote, average 3.00 out of 5)

STEP #1) Upload the following folder to your forum image path: ( or
depending on the location of your vbulletin forum installation.
- vb4style-tweeta

STEP #2) Now import the following vb4style-racing-green.XML file via your ADMINCP, Styles & Templates, Download / Upload Styles, Import Style XML File.
- vb4style-tweeta

STEP #3) Once the above steps are carried out, head to your ADMINCP, Settings, Options, Style & Language Settings, and select
the style "vb4style-tweeta".

You may Edit our vbulletin 4 style for personal use!

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Multi Color vBulletin 4 Style

Style features:

- Compatiable with latest version of Vbulletin: Yes
- Compatiable with CMS: Yes
- Compatiable with Forum: Yes
- Compatiable with Blog: Yes
- Fixed version: Yes
- Fluid version: Yes
- Color: 6 color in the first release more color will be added.
- Support: Yes, my skin is fully supported.
- PSD: Yes
- Every zip color contain both fixed and fluid version. Make your choice.

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